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Other Legal Services

Estate Planning

Whether you are interested in preparing estate planning documents, such as Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Declaration of Guardian, Declaration of Guardian for Declarant’s Child, Medical Power of Attorney, HIPPA Release and Living Will “Directive to Physicians you require assistance with understanding the importance of having Estate Planning documents. It is essential to have experienced and reliable representation to ensure that your wishes are effectuated, and your interests are protected.

Our law firm has earned a name for creating effective legal strategies. We work closely with clients to explain, draft and review Estate Planning documents.


Prenuptial Agreements

We also advise and draft Prenuptial Agreements. A prenuptial agreement allows soon-to-be spouses the ability to decide important marital issues before the marriage. Create a more harmonious marriage by averting potential conflicts that may occur after marriage.

  • Decide how property will be shared
  • Keep each spouse’s debts separate
  • Disclose important financial information

Our firm will explain and draft a prenuptial agreement that fits your specific needs