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Our Houston Immigration Lawyers are proud to be multilingual, so they can communicate directly with clients from all over the world. When you work with our US Immigration Lawyer in Houston, TX, we will keep you updated and informed, making things easier.

Green card Lawyer

The Law Offices of Herrera and Associates, PLLC is one of the top Houston law firms. Our experienced immigration attorneys offer you a full range of assistance focusing on the immigration process. Our clients come first. Each client is treated with courtesy, efficiency, and professionalism. We will surely provide you with a strategy specifically designed to fit your needs within the United States legal system. Our experience and integrity have allowed us to obtain an excellent reputation with our clients as a dependent corporate and immigration law firm in Houston, Texas.

At our immigration law firm, we have only the best U. S. immigration lawyers who have plenty of experience and knowledge in the industry, affordable immigration lawyer fees, green card, immigration work visas, and more. Our consistent ethical trajectory instills trust and confidence among our individual and corporate clients.

With our Abogado inmigración en Houston you will obtain an honest opinion about every option that you may have to accomplish your objectives whether it is about lawful permanent status. We are fully bilingual in English and Spanish which allows us to understand your needs and provide you with the possible options for your case.

Herrera, immigration attorney Houston, Texas, and his team have the expertise in solving complex employment, investment, permanent residency, DACA lawyer and family-based immigration matters.  We worked with clients seeking a United States immigration green card, citizenship, and more. Our firm has represented customers from many industries such as Oil & Gas, Education, Food, Retail, Manufacturing, Financial, and Information Technology among many others.

Our Houston immigration lawyer is dedicated to obtaining the best result for each client with accessible green card cost, adjustment of status (permanent residents) and personalized business legal and immigration services.

Family Immigration Lawyers

The process of gaining a family immigration visa can be extensively complicated. It includes different requirements and documentation to provide the USCIS, depending on what type of visa you are looking for. Also, if the United States Sponsor changes status through naturalization this can add complexity to any family-based visa applications.

Learning the complex, detailed processes and requirements of getting a family-based immigrant visa might not be the best choice. Your best chance will be to work with a certified immigration lawyer. Our immigration attorneys will be happy to complete all the necessary effort that guarantees the situation moves smoothly. With us, you avoid any delays or issues while meeting the legal requirements.

If you or your family are interested in gaining a family-based immigration visa, Herrera LLC lawyers can help you. We have helped hundreds of clients with immigration to the United States. They care deeply about helping LPR’s and citizens achieving visas for their foreign families. Because the visas are a federal matter instead of state specific, they can work on visa applications for anyone in any state.

Our Family immigration lawyer Houston will provide you and your relatives relaxation and comfort during this strenuous and complicated process. Do not hesitate to contact us with any family-based immigration visas.

Immigration Cases

herrera law firm success cases

Since the Herrera Law Firm establishment, we’ve helped a large number of our customers with Immigrant cases. For example, Green Cards, adjustment of status, and Non-Immigrant Petitions, U.S. citizenship, DACA, and others. In other words, we’re including summaries of a few of these cases. In spite of the fact that we won every one of these cases, we can’t ensure the same outcome for any case specifically in the future. Whatever we can ensure is that we’ll keep on fighting with resolute devotion, as we always have, for every one of our clients.

Herrera Houston immigration lawyer is also an immigrant who has personal experience of the complex stages of the process. Therefore our immigration lawyer understands and can relate to his clients’ anxiety, feelings, and concerns.

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