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Immigration Cases

  • Texas immigration attorneys have a permanent residency that was approved for a Venezuelan family who was selected in the annual visa lottery. The family adjusted their immigration status in the United States.
  • A lawful permanent residence and immigrant alien worker was approved for a client who substituted her after six months that her permanent residents was pending.
  • An L1A application was approved by a whose parent and corresponding was purchased by a in the securities market.
  • Our law firm immigration attorneys in Texas a TN that was approved for an individual who requested a change of employer as a Management Consultant within the U.S. with USCIS.
  • The representation with USCIS of a woman and her child in a to remove conditions of residence with USCIS after she had separated from her U.S. husband who was the petitioner.
  • Obtained a waiver of the J1 two (2) year requirement.
  • An H1B employment petition was approved for a foreign Argentinian Attorney who was hired as a Foreign Management Consultant.
  • Immigration law attorney Hector an O1 that was approved for a Painter who subsequently obtained his legal permanent resident status.
  • A P1 application was approved for a golf player to enter the United States.
  • Our full-service immigration law firm has filed a Labor Certification (PERM) that was approved for a Sales Engineer.
  • An E1 Visa was approved for a treaty trader employee to work in the sale and purchase of candy between Mexico and the U.S.
  • An E2 Visa was approved for a client who had purchase a small franchise and who listed her as the commercial office address and operated the maintenance and repair at the Client’s site.
  • An immigrant (I-140) was approved for a small business who was able to demonstrate had the financial ability to pay for the beneficiary worker by using a combination of salary received plus net current assets.
  • An L1B was approved for a Development Engineer for an Oil and Gas Company.
  • Immigration law attorney Hector has successfully represented and in a USCIS site visit to verify and H1B employee compliance.
  • The purchase of a cleaning business which required extensive due diligence and of the corporate sale documentation and was subsequently used to obtain an L1A visa and thereafter the legal permanent residence for the client and his family.
  • The sale of a Meat Market which required extensive due diligence and drafting of the corporate sale documentation from our top immigration attorneys.
  • The negotiation, due diligence review of a retail center purchased in $3.8 million.
  • Mr Herrera and his team service clients for estate planning documents, such as Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Declaration of Guardian, Declaration of Guardian for Declarant’s Child, Medical Power of Attorney, HIPPA Release and Living Will “Directive to Physicians for an existing client who had a net estate just below $1 million dollar and had minor children.
  • A prenuptial agreement was drafted by immigration law attorney, Texas and signed by a couple before their marriage to protect their separate assets.

Hector Herrera is a member of american immigration lawyers association whos clients range from individuals to businesses. Every day our law office aims to provide the best immigration legal services to clients in Texas and United States overall. To make your immigration process easy contact Herrera Law Offices today!